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Re: Once again: Trigger rally for next release


Am 26.01.19 um 12:26 schrieb Onsemeliot:
> Hi Markus,
> thanks for your feedback.
>> Ideally you should release as soon as possible. Don't wait until we
>> reach the freeze for the next stable release. Even better, get
>> involved and prepare the Debian package, then ask for sponsorship on
>> this list, which will improve your chances of getting Trigger Rally
>> into Debian a lot.
> I will do my best. I never did something like preparing a Debian
> package and I hope I will get it right with the help of documentation
> in time.
> Best,
> Onsemeliot

It is probably quite simple because you can just download the existing
Debian package of trigger-rally and use it as a starting point. Since
you are upstream you can quickly answer the questions:

Are any new dependencies required to build the game? Then update

Did you add new files with different licenses? Then document them in

Now update debian/changelog and try to build the new version. Afterwards
run a Debian tool called Lintian on the resulting *.changes file and fix
all remaining issues. :)

If you are into Git and you like that workflow take a look at
git-buildpackage. Otherwise just use debuild or dpkg-buildpackage.



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