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Re: Please review and sponsor galois 0.6-1


Am 20.10.18 um 18:29 schrieb Gerardo Ballabio:
> Hello,
> I put this on hold for longer than I wanted to, but eventually I'm here.
> I've generated my GPG key pair, registered on mentors.debian.net and
> uploaded galois 0.6-1 (see ITP bug #898506). Please review and
> sponsor.

Thank you very much for your contribution. I have just uploaded your
package and it is now waiting in the NEW queue. I've also created a new
Git repository for galois on salsa.debian.org.


Packaging was very good for a first time contribution. Minor nitpicks
are that compat/debhelper level 11 is recommended these days and the
Standards-Version is simply 4.2.1. I've corrected this already.

Perhaps a minor improvement would be to install the desktop icon into
/usr/share/icons/hicolor/96x96/apps which is the preferred location for
icons of this size nowadays while /usr/share/pixmaps has been
deprecated. At the moment it makes no difference as long as your icon is
in png or svg format. There were also some C++ deprecation warnings but
I guess you are aware of them.

> Doing the upload I got these messages:
> gpg: /media/user/0da95c7b-ebee-4025-b57c-ff28da59db21/io/misc/debian/build/galois_0.6-1_amd64.changes:
> Error checking signature from 27E375048FDB4BC9: SignatureVerifyError:
> 0
> gpg: /media/user/0da95c7b-ebee-4025-b57c-ff28da59db21/io/misc/debian/build/galois_0.6-1.dsc:
> Error checking signature from 27E375048FDB4BC9: SignatureVerifyError:
> 0
> Not sure whether I botched something -- the package does appear on
> mentors so I assume the upload was successful anyway.

I could download your package without problems. I really like that
players can choose between different brick shapes. The 3D option is
challenging. :)



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