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Re: Packaging Valve's Proton

On 2018-10-15 5:23 p.m., Simon McVittie wrote:
> They might *also* be including proprietary Steam libraries, but in
> general the term "Steam Runtime" refers to Steam Runtime v1 'scout', a
> small Ubuntu derivative (based on Ubuntu 12.04 'precise') containing all
> the open-source libraries you'd expect, used to give the Steam client and
> Steam games a predictable baseline for library dependencies. Originally,
> the script that launches the Steam client would preferentially use the
> Steam Runtime libraries via LD_LIBRARY_PATH for everything, only using
> host system libraries for things not in the Steam Runtime (notably
> glibc and 3D drivers). It now uses either the host system or the Steam
> Runtime (whichever appears newer) for each individual library, with a
> few exceptions.

Ah, thanks for the explanation!

I have started working on packaging dxvk. I have a working package but I
still use the embedded libraries in upsteam's source tarball.

I have sent a mail to debian-x and debian-wine about it, maybe I should
have included debian-game, so I am linking it here:
 - https://lists.debian.org/debian-x/2018/10/msg00098.html


Alexandre Viau

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