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Re: Salsa migration status


On 26/04/18 10:59, Simon McVittie wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Apr 2018 at 10:28:42 +0100, James Cowgill wrote:
>> On 17/04/18 16:43, beuc@debian.org wrote:
>>> Is a mass-migration is planned?
>> I don't think anything is planned (that I know of).
>> If it helps, I did a lot of the mass importing for the multimedia team
>> and created a script to help out. I can modify it for the games team and
>> do the import:
>>  https://salsa.debian.org/jcowgill/multimedia-cli
> Your script seems fairly comprehensive and nobody seems to have volunteered
> or objected, so please go ahead with migrating everything that hasn't
> already been migrated.

I've finished the bulk of the migration now.

I have not migrated all the repositories on alioth. Instead I migrated
only the repositories which are referenced by a Vcs-Git tag in the
archive. I'll have a look at the others - there are a lot left over!

I made some changes to my auditer script to add the games team and ran
it on all the projects in the group. I based the config on the one I've
used with the multimedia team and it currently has these hooks. They can
easily be changed if needed:
- Emails on push to dispatch+<src>_vcs@tracker.debian.org
- Tags BTS bugs as pending on push
- KGB notifications to #debian-games

> libmath++.git and xgalaga++.git will need a bit of special attention
> because "+" isn't allowed in Gitlab project names, so those might have
> to be migrated by hand. prboom+.git also exists, but prboom-plus.git
> is a symlink to it, and the source package is named prboom-plus, so I
> think that should be the canonical name anyway.

libmath++ is not in stable, so I didn't migate it.
xgalaga++ was already migrated to xgalagapp.
I migrated prboom+ to prboom-plus.


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