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Re: Announcing Lugaru 1.1, now fully DFSG-free


Before updating the VCS fields in the control file, maybe we should
first rename the repository.
What do you think?



Le 01/01/2017 à 14:00, Martin Erik Werner a écrit :
> On Sat, 2016-12-31 at 16:20 +0100, Vincent Prat wrote:
>> Hello,
>> to start with, I would prefer to collaborate on the 1.1 release to
>> become familiar with the package.
>> So you can push what you have already done.
>> Maybe you could also give me some hint on what remains to be done.
>> Eventually, I would be glad to take over the package completely.
>> Cheers,
>> Vincent
> Ok, I've pushed the stuff described in [0].
> I also did a quick run-through and committed what I saw as the main remaining
> steps in debian/TODO onto master, with the idea that we could work around that
> list (or something similar).
> We should probably coordinate the rename (provided you agree that it should be
> done), to avoid unnecessary merge conflicts, otherwise I'm guessing most of the
> stuff can be reasonably isolated, hence possible to do asynchronously.
> Would you like to take the renaming task?
> --
> Martin Erik Werner <martinerikwerner@gmail.com>
>> Le 31/12/2016 à 14:58, Martin Erik Werner a écrit :
> (...)
>>> [0]
>>> So far there is:
>>> * Renaming of all old branches {data, debian_data, debian_source,
>>>   master, source} with a "stretch/" prefix (with intent to drop them
>>>   completely eventually)
>>> * A new pkg-games 'upstream' as a straight copy of gitlab 'master'
>>> * A new pkg-games 'master' as pkg-games 'upstream' with initially the
>>>   debian/* parts of pkg-games 'strech/debian_source' and
>>>   'stretch/debian_data' merged (with a considerable amount of resolving)
>>>   together as an incomplete but reasonable starting point for a new
>>>   common source package for application + data.
>>> --
>>> Martin Erik Werner <martinerikwerner@gmail.com>

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