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Re: Trigger Rally updated in Debian?

On 20.01.2017 18:38, Onsemeliot wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks to Markus Koschany Trigger Rally 0.6.5 has been successfully
> added to Debain Stretch:
> http://preview.tinyurl.com/trigger-rally-in-stretch
> Can anybody tell me if our new icon is used as game icon this time?:
> http://trigger-rally.sourceforge.net/images/trigger64x49.png
> Unfortunately the icon was missing last time. As I understand it this
> was the case because the game was spread over two packages in Debian and
> the relevant one wasn't updated with the new icon.
> The icon is included in our most recent upstream version of our game
> data folder in different resolutions and file formats. (The above link
> just serves as an easy way to see what image I am talking about.)


the icon is available in different resolutions including a scalable svg
image and is used in Debian's package.



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