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Re: Looking sponsor for my package - Osmose Emulator

Hi Rémi

>So I don't really see "dozens of projects" that would warrant the need
>to create yet another fork. Before contributing the lutris fork, I
>searched a lot for potential continuations of the upstream project and
>found none other.

now you might have one :)
>I don't think it's the Debian policy to fork and maintain separately
>projects which are already being maintained elsewhere, and especially
>not for the sole benefit of Debian. If every distro maintainer started
>forking all upstream projects for their own distro, the libre/open
>source ecosystem would have a hard way providing interesting

it isn't the Debian policy, but an honest mistake in my opinion :)

>Now, I haven't checked the source code of your fork and it might be
>superior technically, but I find it sad that you blatantly ignored my
>invitation months ago to have a look at the lutris fork and contribute
>their to help maintain this emulator.
>Hopefully you'll continue developing osmose further and we can soon
>drop the lutris fork and use yours as new upstream...

no. You have more forks, and an older project (and better maintained, with
a clean git history).

Carlos, my proposal (if upstream accepts) is to move your development fixes
into their fork, and move the Debian packaging into lutris.

I don't really care about *which* fork is superior, at the end
we should (whenever possible) have *one* single superior fork :)

BTW also other distributions have still the 0.9.96 version (I looked at arch linux
as example).
Can you please ping the respective maintainers about your new fork?
Moving into a better codebase is something that in Linux is done a lot, but
sometimes a little bit of advertising avoids people forking or leaving old code
around the distros
(I'm speaking with my maintainer hat, I always appreciated a maintainer pinging me
about some new fixes, or some repository moved around, otherwise my Debian tools will 

point to the old version, and I won't notice a new release somewhere else)

thanks you both, I really hope we can sort this out soon, for the benefit of everybody :D


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