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Re: would somebody be interested in updating liballegro from 5.0 to 5.2 ?

You opened bug 704141, maybe just retitle it, answer to questions the maintainer asked you

quoting Tobias,
"Allegro 5.1 is Allegro's unstable branch. From the release news:

"This is a Work-In-Progress (WIP) release of the unstable 5.1 branch.
The 5.1 branch is source compatible, but not binary compatible, with the
stable 5.0 branch. It contains provisional new features which are
subject to change at any time."

That's only suitable for Debian experimental I would say. I'm currently
not planning to package it. If nobody else does, the new features will
come to Debian when Allegro 5.2 is released.

Tobias Hansen"



Il Mercoledì 20 Aprile 2016 18:58, shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com> ha scritto:
In-line :-

On 20/04/2016, James Cowgill <jcowgill@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi James,

Thank you for answering quickly.

> On Wed, 2016-04-20 at 16:03 +0000, shirish शिरीष wrote:
>> I had previously asked if somebody would package 5.1.6 but as Tobias
>> had pointed out, it was an unstable branch.
>> See #704141 for the discussion.
>> Now 5.2 has been released by upstream, see
>> http://liballeg.org/download.html as well as the detailed changelog .
>> http://liballeg.org/changes-5.2.html
>> I do see that there are changes from both stable as well as unstable
>> branch added in the repo as well as that the library is
>> source-compatible but not binary compatible which probably means it
>> will need to conflict with liballegro5.0 binary package.
> If it's only binary incompatible, then a standard library transition
> should work here. There shouldn't be any need for conflicting packages.

oh cool, so should I put a bug-report for the same ?

>> I ran both apt-cache rdepends liballegro5.0 as well apt-rdepends
>> liballegro5.0 but didn't see any games or anything which depends
>> which will hurt if the new library is added before debian freeze.
> Ok. There doesn't seem to be any reverse dependencies of allegro5 at
> all.

Came to the same conclusion but -

>> I also did a mock purge to see if there were any libraries which were
>> affected and the only one which seems to be affected is libdumb1-dev
>> .
>> I am guessing the only reason why this version is not being shipped
>> is
>> due to the dumb library allegro 4 support issue, see #799008 as well
>> as the relevant issue in libdumb's new upstream
>> https://github.com/kode54/dumb/issues/21
> libdumb is built against allegro4. How will upgrading allegro5 from 5.0
> to 5.2 have any effect here?
>> Is this a correct assessment of the situation. Is there a possibility
>> of having liballegro5.2 and the relevant libdumb version have it in
>> experimental so people who want to try some games with the new
>> version
>>  can try it ?  See
>> http://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=6477 for discussion
>> of a game which uses the newer version of a library.
> I don't see why allegro 5.2 can't be uploaded at some point. What do
> you need libdumb for? The thread doesn't mention anything about it.

For some reason when I try to purge allegro5.0 libdumb1-dev also get
purged so thought it was part of the liballegro5.0 package, see if I
am doing something wrong.

[$] sudo aptitude purge liballegro5.0 liballegro5-dev
liballegro-ttf5.0 liballegro-ttf5-dev liballegro-physfs5.0
liballegro-physfs5-dev liballegro-image5.0 liballegro-image5-dev
liballegro-dialog5.0 liballegro-dialog5-dev liballegro-audio5.0
liballegro-audio5-dev liballegro-acodec5.0 liballegro-acodec5-dev
[sudo] password for shirish:
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  liballegro-acodec5-dev{pu} liballegro-acodec5.0{pu}
liballegro-audio5-dev{pu} liballegro-audio5.0{pu}
liballegro-dialog5-dev{pu} liballegro-dialog5.0{pu}
liballegro-image5-dev{pu} liballegro-image5.0{pu}
liballegro-physfs5-dev{pu} liballegro-physfs5.0{pu}
liballegro-ttf5-dev{pu} liballegro-ttf5.0{pu} liballegro5-dev{p}
liballegro5.0{p} libdumb1-dev{u}
0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 15 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
Need to get 0 B of archives. After unpacking 3,508 kB will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?] n

As can be seen if I purge liballegro5.0 and the relevant packages then
libdumb1-dev also gets purged.

Also -

[$] aptitude why libdumb1-dev

i   liballegro5-dev        Recommends liballegro-acodec5-dev
i A liballegro-acodec5-dev Depends  libdumb1-dev

So should I put up a bug-report about liballegro5.2, anyone interested
to make that happen ?

> James

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