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Re: Bug#821415: corsix-th: FTBFS against ffmpeg 3.0

Hi, thanks you and Alexandre!

>Thanks for being my first sponsor! I'm still feeling my way with

>contributing to debian (raised my first bug report on Saturday!), but
>it's much friendlier/accessible than I was led to believe. The tools
>are still quite daunting, but only because of the high quality they
>enforce/enable. I think the debian teams go a long way to help guide
>related packaging, but it would still be nice if the Games Team had
>something like Mentoring of the Month to help spread the expertise.

debian-mentors list is there to help :)
>Incidentally, if anyone could point out what I did wrong with my BTS
>control commands, I'd be grateful: https://bugs.debian.org/821415#12

you can send such commands to "control@bugs.debian.org" (replace -1 with the bug number)

use "control:" to make the system aware that is a control command.
"control: tags -1 pending"

tags bugNNN pending is fine only when sent to control@b.d.o

>Confirmed, `dh clean` correctly removes "obj-x86_64-linux-gnu" even
>without the override.

thanks for confirming!
I was too lazy/in a hurry to check it :)



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