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Re: Bug#821415: corsix-th: FTBFS against ffmpeg 3.0

(on-list, off-bts)

>> hi, happily sponsored!
Thanks for being my first sponsor! I'm still feeling my way with
contributing to debian (raised my first bug report on Saturday!), but
it's much friendlier/accessible than I was led to believe. The tools
are still quite daunting, but only because of the high quality they
enforce/enable. I think the debian teams go a long way to help guide
related packaging, but it would still be nice if the Games Team had
something like Mentoring of the Month to help spread the expertise.

Incidentally, if anyone could point out what I did wrong with my BTS
control commands, I'd be grateful: https://bugs.debian.org/821415#12

>> (but I think the dh_auto_clean target can be removed, but I didn't check!)
> That's my own contraption,
> but I have absolutely no idea why it was needed;
> that was when --buildsystem=cmake got added,
> maybe there were some autoconf cruft left around.
> In doubt, just remove it.

Confirmed, `dh clean` correctly removes "obj-x86_64-linux-gnu" even
without the override.

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