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Re: RFS mrrescue/1.02c-2

Le mardi 1 mars 2016, 18:33:13 Steven Hamilton a écrit :
> I shall grant a pretend dedicated approval. :)
> Actually I've been off duty on Debian stuff for some time now due to 
> being busy with other projects so I may hang up my hat.

Having upstreams proprerly license the software they distribute
is already a huge part of the work to get software in the archive.

Thanks !

I was thinking that update to love 0.10 may need a transition;
but now I realise there's only this single love2d game packaged.

The diff is quite small too, there'll be not much to review.

Maybe putting games in /usr/share/games/love would make
more sense than creating single-file directory like this one:
/usr/share/games/mrrescue/   (contains mrrescue.love).


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