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Re: RFS mrrescue/1.02c-2

On 01/03/16 01:18, Tobias Frost wrote:

Would you mind reviewing the changes now in git and upload again ?

I was mostly interrested about making it reproducible (i.e: calling zip with
but then I went on and refreshed all the other things.

maybe a "Team Upload" is more appropriate, otherwise it is appreciated to see
Steven acking such a change :)

but Tobi might have a different opinion, I'll leave this to him :)

sorry for the noise,


just go ahead... (it's games-team-maintained anyway, and therefore a dedicated
approval is not required)

I shall grant a pretend dedicated approval. :)

Actually I've been off duty on Debian stuff for some time now due to being busy with other projects so I may hang up my hat. I presume since this is team maintained I don't need to file an orphan?

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