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Am 13.01.2016 um 16:58 schrieb Rémi Verschelde:
> 2016-01-13 16:26 GMT+01:00 Markus Koschany <apo@debian.org>:
>> Next goal is CaveExpress but the build system still needs some
>> polishing. [2]
> Nice, I've also been looking at CaveExpress recently to package it for
> Mageia. We can probably work together with pull requests on the
> upstream repo to make it more packaging-friendly.

My current packaging work is here: (Alioth is currently down)


I'm in contact with the upstream developer and he is very friendly and
responsive. I asked for a DATADIR and BINDIR option for overriding the
installation path for binaries and data. He has already implemented a
lot of improvements, for instance the external libs can be almost
completely replaced by system libraries. I only struggle with SDL.h. The
game compiles against the system version of SDL2 but it requires the
embedded SDL.h version for whatever reason.

The current release already works. It uses the old build system but it
is rather inconvenient if you want to build caveexpress and cavepacker
all in one go.



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