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finally after just twelve years [1] UFO Alien Invasion is now available
in Debian. It is a unique strategy game that has two main modes of play:
Geoscape and Tactical mode. In Geoscape mode you basically run a secret
organization to defend earth from invading aliens which includes
researching new technology and buying or producing new equipment for
your team and in Tactical mode you can directly combat the aliens via a
turn-based system.

The engine is based on Quake2 but the gameplay is very different. The
game comes with a lot of artwork and a complete soundtrack and all maps
are compiled from scratch. There is also a map-building tool called
ufoai-uforadiant which is based on GtkRadiant, so it is probably useful
for other Quake games too.

Next goal is CaveExpress but the build system still needs some
polishing. [2]



[1] https://bugs.debian.org/244582
[2] https://bugs.debian.org/775743

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