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Re: [game-data-packager] Optional licenses

>Le dimanche 3 janvier 2016, 18:09:43 Stephen Kitt a écrit :


I have copied the implicit install_as: (manual.pdf) to the look_for: list
to make sure the .pdf doesn't get lost when repacking the CD game from
/usr/share/games/... (this can be usefull if the .desktop file were improved
or an icon were provided by GDP).

-    look_for: [Sam & Max Manual.pdf]
+    look_for: [manual.pdf,Sam & Max Manual.pdf]

Now, maybe this operation (always adding install_as to look_for)
should allways be done in the python code instead ?

> Hi,
> I've been going through my old CDs, and I've come across a few games which
> differ from the variants supported in game-data-packager. Many of these CDs
> don't include a license file of any sort, and I'm wondering how to handle
> that when the current packaging expects one. For example, in The Dig
> (dig.yaml), the-dig-en-data and so on list "end user license agreement.txt"
> as a license file; since the CD doesn't include it, g-d-p goes and looks for
> it elsewhere, and fails if it can't find it.

It fails because it can't find both the GOG & CD version at the same time
as requested in the yaml file... but you already found out (see your next message) ;-)

I would say from the reverted commit that you'd need alternatives like:

     - video/font1.nut?gog
     - video/font1.nut?cd

And then font*.nut?* must be moved out of "shared assets:" group into
a new group that doesn't get included in the packages.

I usually name it "default:", but there's no rule,
"misc files:" or "special files:" would be ok too.

Then the alternative (video/font*.nut) would be listed into the package files lists.

Archives, like the one provided by GOG.com can only provide real files,
not virtual ones (alternatives); so you'd need to list the  "?gog" one there.
There's an assert() to catch this.

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