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Re: New libode version

Hi Leopold,

>we use libccd from system, not built in ode.

james is right, that patch fixes the issue, but the reason is that libccd
should be included only if the "--with-libccd" is different from system.

--- ode-0.13.1+git20150309.orig/configure.ac
+++ ode-0.13.1+git20150309/configure.ac
@@ -452,7 +452,7 @@ then


AM_CONDITIONAL(LIBCCD, test x$use_libccd != xno)
AM_CONDITIONAL(LIBCCD_INTERNAL, test x$libccd_source = xinternal)

this patch fixes the issue, but the AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS should be done only when the bundled
libccd is used as said above.

So you might want to fix and push the patch upstream too.


(also drop the override in rules file please)


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