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Re: New libode version

El Dimarts, 13 d'octubre de 2015, a les 12:00:04, Gianfranco Costamagna va 
> >fails, problem of upstream
> yes, but the package can't migrate to testing until the problem is fixed,
> so you need to open an RC bug against that package.
> >I sent a message to all the maintainers of that packages some weeks ago
> >without any answer
> bugs are better than mails :)

I sent an email explaining what I wanted to do with libode and about drop 
libode-sp and why. I don't think that it's a bug that ...

> >new import dropping that files. Could be done in the next version of the
> >package?
> no problem, just set target to experimental and I'll upload to new queue.
> (in the meanwhile please test reverse-dependencies and open bugs/patches
> where a binNMU is not enough)



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