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Re: How to handle unused third party libraries in upstream tarball

2015-05-22 11:53 GMT+02:00 Emmanuel Kasper <emmanuel@libera.cc>:
Hello list !

Going back to gaming again.
Hello Manu, nice to see you back! :-)

I get the following lintian errors in the mame package:

W: mame source: outdated-autotools-helper-file
3rdparty/expat/conftools/config.guess 2011-05-11
E: mame source: source-contains-prebuilt-ms-help-file

We ( of course :) use debian libraries to build the package and don't
use these upstream embedded versions.
unfortunately, in the last upstream source (0.161) a lot has been
changed in the building process, at present no common libraries
can be used as makefile switches don't work anymore.

I'm working on a series of patches upstream, I'm nearly done.
I can make a branch on git if you like to have a look at them.

Also, chances are that from 0.162 there will be no separate Mess
executable, and we'll have to change the whole package structure.

Is it fine to silence the Lintian errors ? Should I rather skip this
them when creating the orig tarball ? Is it a case to use the dfsg suffix ?
this is my next concern. :-)

I'm for silencing lintian, we could also strip contributed source
from the tarball in get-orig-source but look ugly to me.


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