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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Hi All,

[quoting myself]

>>   "we might need to patch/drop half the debian-games archive, women are>>   like a totem for men, specially for developers, and I guess we won't
>>   (they, I'm not a game developer) remove them in games :)"

>Yes, that is a comment making use of sexist stereotypes about male
>developers which is sad. It is from someone not involved in
>"Supertuxkart" or other games ("I'm not a game developer") and who I
>understand has only looked at the posters I linked to earlier: he
>extrapolates from them ("if the game has the same "obscenity level"").

>I'm not sure what this says about the motivations of upstream developers

>of supertuxkart?

Of course that was a joke, it was meant as a joke, and nothing more.

We are talking about games, please don't forget, it is just a (nice to play)
game. Nothing more.

And if you want to follow up with your reason, and to find any more game with
your obscene images, you are free to do that, and to *report them upstream*,
fork the game or convince upstream developers to patch or remove the images.

So far you didn't provide a patch for the game, you didn't fork.

What I see is that you tried to force upstream to remove it, you failed,
you left the upstream developing, you didn't fork, and now you try to force
downstream distros to patch (without prividing any patch yourself).

No complain, this is Open Source, everybody should be free to do whatever
they want (even complaining about games, or making jokes about the current situation),

but at the end Debian should package stuff, not fork or maintain deltas from upstream.

This is my opinion, remove the stuff (you said you were an upstream developer), fork the game,
improve it, get it packaged on Debian, and make it so better than people will follow it.

End of the story (at least for me).

To end the flame, please don't consider my bad approach, I'm not a native english speaker,
and I'm so tired of this kind of upstream issues discussed here.
(and sorry if my joke wasn't appropriate, but sometimes we need to calm down and understand
that at the end there are plenty of other games to play)



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