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Re: Inclusion of the game NetMauMau into Debian repos

Hi Gianfranco,

I looked over the control and rules file and ran wrap-and-sort over it.

Actually I could only remove autotools-dev from the dependencies. The other 
are really neccessary. At least to successfully build on Launchpad.

The generated packages make sense, because NetMauMau is split into a stand 
alone server and a client. The common and client libs are for clients and 
common is needed by the server.

Originally I hoped somebody would write a client, but as usual I found nobody 
so I started to write one with Qt. 

Currently the debian directory is in Git to have it in a VCS. If NetMauMau 
gets accepted to Debian I have no problem to remove it.

What is a ITP and where can I open one?


Am Donnerstag, 5. März 2015 schrieb Gianfranco Costamagna:
> Hi Heiko,
> (please note: I'm *not* a sponsor neither a DD)
> I guess the first step is to open an ITP, to clean up your package and to
> upload on mentors opening an RFS bug.
> Some nitpicks: the changelog should contain only one entry with "Initial
> Release (Closes: #XXXX)" -compat level now seems to be 9
> -std-version 3.9.6
> (maybe you might find useful to run wrap-and-sort on your debian directory)
> -your debian rules seems somewhat confusing, are you sure you need all this
> stuff (switching to debhelper might reduce a lot the file)?
> -copyright file might be missing of some fields (e.g. upstream name).
> -You are both upstream and debian, but I people might like more when the
> debian packaging is stripped from the upstream directory.
> -When you update the debian release (e.g. because of some debian packaging
> issue fixed) you might find useless to release a new upstream release.
> -Also other distros might find useless the debian packaging in the source
> tree.
> -quilt format allows you to do the correct split
> -also using both dh-autoreconf and autotools-dev seems useless, with the
> new debhelper you can just call dh --with autoreconf
> -many build dependencies might be removed safely (I didn't check, but some
> of them seems useless and old)
> -the if amd64 on debian rules seems to suggest some flags needed on some
> architectures, this is better to be moved in autotools files, because other
> distro might not spot the problem, and build it wrongly.
> - I don't know why you ship 4 libraries, but I didn't look at the code :)
> there might be something more, I didn't check the whole package neither I
> tried to build it :) cheers,
> Gianfranco

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