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Re: welcome to the games team Alexandre Detiste!

Hi all,

I've been working since begin of this year on game-data-packager;
this both makes new games/expansions easy to install to Debian users
& please my OCD: "package all the things !";
and it's also a good excuse for thirft-shopping.

Next step is building a nice GUI with python-gtk.

I've also came up with a DOSbox setup, with linkfarms
in /home/$user/.dosbox/ pointing to /usr/local/ to
make dosbox games fit in multi-user setup;
would someone be interrested ?

My favorites games missing from Debian are
'Advance Wars 2' and Supaplex, 
I see it's remake is android only :-( :-( ;
there should be some way to make it work
with a vanilla Linux kernel !


> Hi Alexandre,
> I've just added you to pkg-games, welcome to the team! Please use this
> opportunity to introduce yourself to the team; what games you are
> interested in, what you plan to work on within the team etc.

>> \o/

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