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Re: Pkg-games-commits list not working with git packages.

Hi Miguel,

I had some troubles in fixing this kgb stuff, but I don't remember I touched anything on pkg-games (IIRC I fixed pkg-boinc and debian-science)

I'm not a debian-games admin, just an user, but if you can fix the problem (for me) please go ahead :)

and thanks!


Il Domenica 7 Dicembre 2014 8:40, Miguel A. Colón Vélez <debian.micove@gmail.com> ha scritto:

I'm probably not the first one to notice but the pkg-games-commit list
shows less messages than the CIA irc bot. while pushing some git
commits I got the
following message:
"remote: grep: trunk-ups: No such file or directory"

Doing a quick check on alioth shows:
$ cat hooks/post-receive

exec /home/groups/pkg-games/bin/post-receive
$ cat /home/groups/pkg-games/bin/post-receive


DIR=`basename $(readlink -f $GIT_DIR)`

/srv/home/groups/pet/PET2/pkg-games/pet-git-helper update $DIR


cat > $REFLOG

if [ -e $BASE/KGB-notifications-disabled ]; then
    echo "KGB notifications disabled"
    PERL5LIB=$KGB/lib $KGB/script/kgb-client --conf $CONF \
            --repository git --git-reflog $REFLOG --module $PKG

grep $REFLOG -v trunk-ups | /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice

It fails in the last line which explains why git commits don't show in the
mailing list anymore but svn commit do. There are commits that show in the
mailinglist and those use
exec /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice
as shown in https://wiki.debian.org/Games/VCS/git

It seems that on Oct-5-2012 setup-repository was updated to use
exec /home/groups/pkg-games/bin/post-receive
instead of
exec /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice

and then they manually changed all the already existing post-receive files.
It seems that the ones that send mails manually reverted to the old post-receive
or used the wiki instructions post OCT-2012.

If this was posted before, I apologize.

Hope this helps,

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