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Fwd: RFS: Mr Rescue and Love2d Policy updates

Steven Hamilton writes:

> Hi folks, I've completed the following tasks regarding Love and Mr
> Rescue.
> Policy; https://wiki.debian.org/Games/Love2d
> Love2d packaging policy has been updated with the latest comments from
> Mr Rescue packaging. The main change is the unpacking of the .love file
> to allow patching and repacking the .love during debbuild process.
> Mr Rescue package http://mentors.debian.net/package/mrrescue
> Updated to the policy above and upgraded to love-0.9.1. Also uploaded to
> the teams git.
> I'm now currently seeking a sponsor for what would be the first Love2d
> game in the archive.  Miriam, you expressed an interest in this some
> months ago. Are you still in a position to sponsor it?

The White Walkers will soon be apon us and poor Mr Rescue may be left
out when the great winter hits. I'm still looking for a sponsor for this
package and a review of the Love package policy linked above.

Steven Hamilton
I don't look like two zombies

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