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Re: How to best collaborate with games and junior tasks

(Adding debian-blends to Cc.)

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 11:38 PM, Per Andersson <avtobiff@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> The Debian Junior blend targets young users, from toddlers
> until early teens. There are programs in the metapackages
> that are educational, for programming, typing oriented,
> system/computer exploratory, for creating art and sound,
> and, of course, games.
> The Debian Games blend is a really great effort, and has
> a massive list of games.
> Recently, I have been updating the games-* tasks in the
> Junior blend and am starting to feel that this is a somewhat
> double effort. Many games are shared between games and
> junior tasks.
> Not all games are appropriate or necessecary for
> Debian Junior though, and there is no full overlap.
> There might also be a slight difference in taxonomy, e.g.
> where should multiplayer network games that run on console
> be placed junior-net or junior-text (or both)?
> Any bright ideas on how we can join in an effort to cooperate
> between junior-games and games tasks?
> In some areas it is quite easy, e.g. junior-puzzle could depend
> on games-tetris, instead of listing a subset of the tetris games
> manually.
> In contrast, games-puzzle probably lists to many puzzle games
> to be relevant for junior-puzzle.
> Ideas (and help) welcome!
> --
> Per

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