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How to best collaborate with games and junior tasks


The Debian Junior blend targets young users, from toddlers
until early teens. There are programs in the metapackages
that are educational, for programming, typing oriented,
system/computer exploratory, for creating art and sound,
and, of course, games.

The Debian Games blend is a really great effort, and has
a massive list of games.

Recently, I have been updating the games-* tasks in the
Junior blend and am starting to feel that this is a somewhat
double effort. Many games are shared between games and
junior tasks.

Not all games are appropriate or necessecary for
Debian Junior though, and there is no full overlap.

There might also be a slight difference in taxonomy, e.g.
where should multiplayer network games that run on console
be placed junior-net or junior-text (or both)?

Any bright ideas on how we can join in an effort to cooperate
between junior-games and games tasks?

In some areas it is quite easy, e.g. junior-puzzle could depend
on games-tetris, instead of listing a subset of the tetris games

In contrast, games-puzzle probably lists to many puzzle games
to be relevant for junior-puzzle.

Ideas (and help) welcome!


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