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I have updated chipmunk to the latest release

Hello debian games team,

I have taken the liberty to update the chipmunk debian package to the latest release (6.2.1). I also took a lot of liberty and converted to git and made some other executive decisions. Excerpt from changelog follows:

  [ Andrew Kelley ]
  * update to upstream 6.2.1
  * add symbols file
  * add examples
  * enable multi arch
  * use GNUInstallDirs in cmake
  * simplify rules file
  * install upstream changelog
  * update copyright format
  * rename chipmunk-dev to libchipmunk-dev for consistency
  * rename 0d3 SONAME to 6
  * build with git-buildpackage and pristine-tar
  * update to new upstream on GitHub
  * install documentation

What do you think? https://bitbucket.org/andrewrk/pkg-chipmunk

Also would you consider accepting my request to join the games team? :-)


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