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Re: debdir git branch for lightweight debian/-only contributions

On 10.08.2014 13:25, Martin Erik Werner wrote:
> Hi all.
> I've been experimenting a bit with git-subtree (from git/contrib/, now
> installed by default as part of Git in Debian Jessie, yay!) in order to
> allow for minimal clones of and contributions to the debian/ content.
> This might potentially be useful to remove the barrier for quick
> packaging contributions to large packages. Take redeclipse-data for
> example, where a full git clone is around 0.8G, and this method allows
> for cloning (and pushing back up) the debian/ part in 300K.

That's a nice and helpful tool. Thanks for mentioning it. A while ago
Dmitry Smirnov has convinced me to tweak my .gbp.conf file a little for
achieving a quite similar result. I can recommend this as an alternative.

tarball-dir = ../tarballs
export-dir  = ../build-area/

So if you add these variables you can basically use a single debian
directory in your git repository and store the orig-source tarball in
../tarballs outside Git. Obviously the data won't be preserved in Git
but for large data packages I'm currently preferring this method since
it goes easy on existing Debian resources and often there is no real
need for storing images, video and sound files twice, once in Git and
then on the ftp servers again. But it's good to know that there is a
solution to avoid a full git clone.



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