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Fwd: Hello Everybody (bofh80)

I have just been made aware of this mailing list, so i've just subscribed and am resending this mail here.

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From: Anthony F McInerney <afm404@gmail.com>
Date: 17 July 2014 09:29
Subject: Hello Everybody (bofh80)
To: Pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org

So my nickname should give you an idea of usual job role and mentality. I've experience in BASIC, pascal, C, DOS batch files, some python and shell scripting, also anything microsoft.

I've been using Debian since 2003, (97 / 98 was slackware / redhat, but not for long) on my laptop. Then as my main OS at home since 2005.

I've recently released my own Debian-live spin called n00bix (sf.net/projects/n00bix or n00bix.outworlds.de) The source is all up on my github.

I run this on my machines at home (it started life as a preseed file) and my kids use it too.
One of the things they do in school is the platinum sandbox maker, and they came home couple of months ago and tried to install it, and it failed to download the data.

Recently, started packaging terminology for Debian to include in my live-build, then decided to see if anything interesting was up for adoption and here I am. 

Got the latest version of sandboxmaker and am attempting to rebase the patches, already fixed the data source etc, so hopefully today or tomorrow I'll have a package up on mentors. 

Anyway, that's it bye for now.

Kind Regards

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