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Re: Need opinion on a configuration parser library

Thanks for the replies, Michael and Paul!

You could provide a compile time option either to use built-inparser for those distros allow that or external one for those that don't (like Fedora in your example). As for my own project, I use own INI format parser since I extended the format a bit.
You're right - it would give maximum portability, even for
people who may install it by source.
But I think it's kinda troublesome on the code. This is a small
project and I only need a simple key-value-like configuration
so YAML/JSON seems better.

For Debian/Fedora perhaps you can use this INI parser:


You could also use a different configuration file format with better
libraries - YAML or JSON for example.
I agree with you and that's what I'll stick with.
JSON and YAML have way more alternatives - and on this particular
case I'll use YAML.

The C[0] and C++[1] libraries are simple-to-use and available on
most major distros (all of those mentioned on the last email).
Did you see that nsnake has an RC bug?

Yes, already fixed that and am currently waiting for a maintainer
evaluation. Thanks for your concern!
Please read through Debian's upstream guide and the guide for games upstreams:

Awesome! Didn't know about the second one.

[0]: http://pyyaml.org/wiki/LibYAML
[1]: https://code.google.com/p/yaml-cpp/wiki/Tutorial

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