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Re: Unteralterbach visual novel (was: Re: Introduction)

2014-03-10 2:44 GMT+01:00 Bas Wijnen <wijnen@debian.org>:

> For that reason, I would advise not to include this game in Debian (and
> not to spend your time on packaging it).  But note that I'm not setting
> the rules here.  If you feel strongly that it adds value to the system,
> feel free to explain why, and please also explain why you think that my
> objections are less important than the contributions.
> Finally, I'm pleased to see someone here who is interested in packaging
> visual novels.  I like that concept, and would certainly like to see
> more of them in Debian.  Just not this one.

Lots of thanks for your efforts analyzing it. I am so looking forward
to having visual novels in Debian too. I haven't had time to even test
this one (I can understand some German, but I'm not fluent in it, and
that means quite an effort and time, as well as not really
understanding everything that goes on), apart from seeing the graphics
in the web page, and reading the comments in previous mails. I find
your description of the game very disturbing, and I'm thinking that it
may be even be triggering for some people.

Having read your report, even if someone decided to package it, I
wouldn't advise to include it in the archive without speaking
beforehand with lawyers that could advice us on the possible risks.
I'm not familiar enought with the law in different countries to know
what's allowed or not, but from your analysis I fear that by
distributing it we might be puting in risk the administrators of some
of our mirrors, and I'd like to be sure that's not the case. On the
other hand, it's almost impossible to make something that it's not
illegal in at least one country in the world. For example, I would be
a strong supporter of having LGBT-themed games in the archives, and
they might not be legal in Russia.

I really appreciate your effort in analysing a game as hard as this
one might seem. Lots of thanks!


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