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Re: cube2 and cube2-data ready for tests

Hi Vincent,

On 07.03.2014 01:30, Vincent Cheng wrote:
> I'd suggest a github/gitorious repo as the homepage if you want to
> make it easier to collaborate with others (as opposed to the scope
> being limited to Debian only).

Good idea. I think I will go for gitorious.

>> Are you happy with Git?
> I'm happy with git...
> ...but I'm not so happy that you've gone and wiped all the history
> from the sauerbraten git repo and started from scratch. 

I have moved the old sauerbraten git repo to cube2. So the whole history
was preserved. No worries.

> Does anyone know if there's some way to retrieve backups of stuff
> hosted on Alioth, by the way?

Never done that before but I guess contacting the alioth admins should
hopefully suffice.


> You mention earlier that you've repacked the tarball to remove the
> bundled enet library:
> * Repack source package and unbundle the embedded enet library. Build
>   against the shared system library instead.
> Upstream explicitly says not to do that [1], i.e.:

I haven't seen any different behaviour so far. I'd suggest to unbundle
the enet library as long as this move doesn't cause any problems in
multiplayer mode. There is enough time until the freeze happens, so we
could still revert the change in time, if this move caused a regression.
Red Eclipse also uses the enet system library and I haven't seen any
issues their either thus I'm in favour to give this solution a chance.

> I haven't yet had time to review all your packaging changes in detail, sorry.

Ok, no problem. I was experimenting with cube2-data and bananabread a
little. Currently I think having only one demo package should be
sufficient. Bananabread is not a complete game hence I think creating a
workable demo with less data will also do and we shouldn't promote this
content package as a complete replacement for Red Eclipse, Sauerbraten
or Assaultcube. Less is more in this case but it is still work in progress.



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