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scorched3d: Newer upstream version

Hi again,

As per Games Team Guidelines, I’m notifying you about this change I’m
planning to commit to VCS:

Just after 43.3+dfsg-1 was uploaded, I noticed there is a newer
upstream version 43.3d available...
So I have managed to update the Debian package, and will push the
new upstream version and updates to watch file and get-orig-source.sh
to scorched3d Git repository.

I had to add an extra dot to the upstream version (so it becomes
43.3.d+dfsg) to get it sorted properly:

$ dpkg --compare-versions 43.3d+dfsg-1 gt 43.3+dfsg-1 && echo true || echo false
$ dpkg --compare-versions 43.3.d+dfsg-1 gt 43.3+dfsg-1 && echo true || echo false

Best Regards,
Juhani Numminen

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