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Re: Bug#726355: assaultcube: new upstream version of AssaultCube

On 15.10.2013 01:00, Martin Werner wrote:

> By the way, would it be relevant to orphan the assaultcube package
> currently? What do you think Gonéri, and devel-games in general?

I suggest the following general procedure:

If you are the only uploader of a team maintained package and realize
for whatever reason that you can't work on this package anymore, request
an adopter from the team on this mailing list.

If nobody steps up, IMO the best way forward is to file a RFA bug report
for this specific package. That means that we try to fix RC bugs but
won't add any new features to this package like new upstream releases.
This package definitely needs a new maintainer and it doesn't matter
whether it is later maintained within the Games Team again.

If it becomes worse and the package tends to be a burden for everyone or
is completely outdated and no longer in a releasable shape, it's better
to orphan it with all possible consequences such as its removal from the

I think it's very positive that you are proactive. There are more
packages I'm concerned about at the moment. I'm thinking especially
about Bubbros but would like to see more "wake-up" calls in general on
this list.



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