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Re: Xonotic: gmqcc package review

30.09.2013 20:03, David Bate пишет:
> On Monday 30 September 2013 17:15:12 Anton Balashov wrote:
>> Done:
>> * I remade the upstream branch. Now it's upstream/master. [1]
>> * Made a pull request to upstream about hyphen-used-as-minus-sign
>> [2] (already merged).
> Great.
>>> I would suggest you split the
>>> syntax files into another package as a user of the compiler would
>>> not necessarily want the syntax files (also, they are arch
>>> independent).
>> I'm not sure that will be good. Yes, separate arch independent files
>> is a good process, but what package it will be? Just one this dir?
>> Where I should install it to? As end user, I would expect
>> autointegration with my IDE's what I don't plan to do. You got my
>> idea :) WDYT?
> Each file should be installed to the location described in the 
> corresponding README, so that it autointegrates with the IDE.
>>>  Also, there is a .tex file doc/specification.tex that
>>> describes the QuakeC language used by gmqcc.  It would be great
>>> (but not necessary) if this were compiled and put into a package
>>> too.  It could go into the same package as the syntax files.
>> Because it's a doc file I deep it should be in the main package.
>> Because if user wouldn't install the syntax package, hi will not
>> get a docs? :) I'll google what to do with this tex file and will
>> add it to the package.
> I would expect that the most common use of gmqcc is to *compile* 
> QuakeC code.  The syntax files and the pdf produced by the tex file 
> would only be useful to someone who wants to *write* QuakeC code.
> I would expect that most users are compiling code because they are 
> writing their own, but it is possible that this is not the case.  
> Ultimately you are free to package this how you like, and since the 
> syntax files and pdf are small it will not cause any heartache for 
> them to be installed unnecessarily.  It was just a suggestion.
> David

Hi David.
I made a patch [1] for manpages for our (old) version. Probably will be
good I you will be able to try compile xonotic by gmqcc 0.3. If it
works, I'm making many things for nothing :)

Let me a little disagree with you about tex file. This is a doc file for
compiler and should be installed exactly in /usr/share/docs/gmqcc/,
because it's that place where an end user will looking for compiler
docs. So, I deem it should be in the main package. But I have a
question: In what format should I compile the tex file? In pdf? In
pdf.gz? :)
In this case I will have to add to Build-Depends "texlive-latex-extra"
package, that will request more than 450 MB (!) of dependencies for
build. Not bad :)

About syntax dir and the additional pkg I'll think tomorrow...

The package is lintian clean for me :)


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