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Re: Music

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:27 AM, Николай wrote:

> I'd like to try creating a soundtrack for any game, if there is a
> possibility.

Could you mention how you make your soundtracks? Which programs you
use, which physical instruments you record, which digital instruments
you use, which sample sets you use etc.

> Here's my portfolio:
> https://soundcloud.com/xterminal86

Nice tracks :) I noticed you have been experimenting with LMMS? Have
you considered publishing the LMMS project file (.mmp) and a Makefile
(that runs lmms --render and any other programs needed to create the
mp3/ogg) for this experiment? The reason I ask is that it would be
great if people downloading your music had the same level of access to
it as you (modify the LMMS track, rebuild the mp3). I guess soundcloud
doesn't allow you to share LMMS, MIDI XML, MusicXML or similar files
though? If not maybe you could ask them to allow uploading source
material too?

> I was wondering if there is a need for soundtracks for games you are making?

We are packaging existing games for the Debian operating system rather
than making games. Some of us are involved in the external projects
that are making these games, hopefully some of them will speak up
about this, I assume there is a need for music for some projects.

Here are some links to other places you could ask about this:


For myself, I am involved in a couple of projects that could use some
music/audio help:

hex-a-hop needs these sounds replaced with ones released under a free
license. CC Sampling+ is not free enough for Debian, something like
CC-BY-3.0 would be though:


Chromium B.S.U. has a MIDI music track and the rendered Ogg file. It
would be nice to turn the MIDI file into some text-based format like
MIDI XML, MusixXML or similar for version control purposes. It would
be even better to be able to automatically render the Ogg file from
the source MIDI text format and any samples/digital instruments

hex-a-hop has some pre-rendered music tracks in Ogg and FLAC format.
I'm unable to tell if they were produced from single-track recordings,
multi-track recordings, notes and recorded samples, notes and digital
instruments or something else. It would be great if someone could
figure out how they were made and reproduce the source materials.

Some further thoughts on this topic:




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