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Re: Packaging task for newbies: Separate pink-pony into program and data

Hi Mirian,

> Wow! So soon? :)

Sure ;).

> Redarging debian/changelog, as I had already uploaded 1.3.1-1 to the
> archive, we should need to ad a newer entry (1.3.1-2) and put the changes
> there. This can easily be done with the command dch, or adding it by hand
> if you prefer.

Oops, my fault. I happened to run apt-get source pink-pony and found it
to download 1.2, so I figured you hadn't uploaded the version yet.
Apparently, I was falsely relying on my mirror to be up-to-date ;(.

> pink-pony now depends on pink-pony-data, and that is okay, it is how it
> should be. Another good idea would be to recommend pink-pony
> from pink-pony-data (not depend, we don't want cyclical dependencies).
> Also, as the versions of pink-pony <= 1.3.1-1 (old ones) will include the
> data, pink-pony-data should conflict with them in debian/control too.


> Last thing should be to add the switch -a to the commands in binary-arch:
> and duplicate them with the switch -i in binary-indep:. When the package is
> built in the builders, it won't be calling debian/rules binary, but
> debian/rules binary-arch for every arch-dependent architecture and once to
> debian/rules binary-indep for the arch-independent ones.

I wasn't too sure about that. I tried to incorporate your suggestions
and doing so, removed some of the commands in binary-arch while copying
to binary-indep. I omitted those that explicitly deal with binaries and
those that we do not use in the -data package. If this is not correct,
please let me know.


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