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Re: Suggestions that have arised in the Games Team BoF of today


Perdona, eres la misma persona que escribio esto?, en caso afirmativo
me gustaria comentarte algunas cosas por email privado y no
abiertamente por la lista, para "no molestar" al resto de usuarios de
la lista.


2013/8/17 Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> We had a BoF about the future of the Games Team at DebConf today, in which
> some possible initialives were mentioned.
> 1) We might want to do a periodic news mail/post to communicate both to the
> team and to the rest of the project what's going on, the same way as other
> teams are doing.
> 2) We want to give a bit of love to the Games Team Blend tasks, both
> defining the groups of applications we might want to have as well as the
> applications in them, and try to keep them updated and publitize them a bit
> more.
> 3) We might want to promote the cute games we already have in the archive by
> making them more visible through blog posts in Planet. Maybe some initiative
> like one package a day (only maybe weekly or something) might serve as a
> reference.
> 4) We would like to have a lost of games and resources to use in
> presentations about Debian, to show that there are alrealy very nice games
> in the archive.
> 5) We might want to be able to develop some flier or printed stuff to give
> in booths and conferences, showing the nice stuff we already have and
> increasing visibility.
> Greetings,
> Miry

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