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Suggestions that have arised in the Games Team BoF of today


We had a BoF about the future of the Games Team at DebConf today, in which some possible initialives were mentioned.

1) We might want to do a periodic news mail/post to communicate both to the team and to the rest of the project what's going on, the same way as other teams are doing.

2) We want to give a bit of love to the Games Team Blend tasks, both defining the groups of applications we might want to have as well as the applications in them, and try to keep them updated and publitize them a bit more.

3) We might want to promote the cute games we already have in the archive by making them more visible through blog posts in Planet. Maybe some initiative like one package a day (only maybe weekly or something) might serve as a reference.

4) We would like to have a lost of games and resources to use in presentations about Debian, to show that there are alrealy very nice games in the archive.

5) We might want to be able to develop some flier or printed stuff to give in booths and conferences, showing the nice stuff we already have and increasing visibility.


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