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Re: Bug#718323: RFS: hyperrogue/3.7+dfsg-1 [ITP] -- non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game


sorry i missed this mail before.

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:39:13AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Why do you use ttf-bitstream-vera?  fonts-dejavu-core is a superset, and
> is installed on about every X-capable Debian system thanks to existing
> dependencies.

i've patched the game to fontconfig on pabs' suggestion. it now falls
back from bitstream vera to dejavu, and depends on either of the

> The window's title is "Untitled window".  You want to call
> SDL_WM_SetCaption().

good idea, patched and submitted.

> If the player grinds long enough, he will gain access to an unfinished
> land that doesn't work yet.  In game.cpp, you'd want to comment out
> the following lines:
>   if(tkills() >= 2000 && gold() >= 2000)
>     tab[cnt++] = laCocytus;

that's far beyond the game's high score, and cocytus may be visually and
balancing-wise unfinished, but it's not like it makes the game crash.
(it's inaccessible even without orbs of teleport).

> The desc of "Dead Orb" (classes.cpp) is actively misleading: it claims
> these orbs have no use, while they can be used to flip slime colours.
> No matter what is one's stance on spoilers, documentation shouldn't
> outright lie.

i think it's ok for an in-game help (which the text in classes.cpp is;
it gets displayed when pressing F1 on the orb item) in a role playing
game to lie, even more to omit particular uses. (i presume its primary
use is to serve as breadcrumbs to mark the way back to an orb of yendor
from its key).

best regards

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