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Re: Request for test/review - Alienblaster

Hello Barry,

On Wed, 2013-06-05 at 21:54 -0400, Barry deFreese wrote:
> I have added a patch to alienblaster to create the game config file in the users home dir if it
> doesn't exist.  I am not a C++ expert by any stretch so I would appreciate some testing/review of my
> work if anyone can swing it.

I've reviewed 08-config_in_home_dir.patch. The patch can be a little bit

You've kept the original lines as commented code, but I think there is
no need for that.
a) opfile = new Options( FN_SETTINGS );
b) opfile->saveFile( FN_SETTINGS );
The line with FN_SETTINGS can then be removed from global.h, because the
code will not contain a reference to FN_SETTINGS anymore.

Also the line:
//  lcfgfile = fopen( getenv("HOME") + "/.alienblaster.cfg", "r+" );
is not needed. It is new, but not activated.

And I'm sorry for reopening a never-ending discussion again: should the
config file be in $HOME/.[$APPLICATIONNAME] or in
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/[APPLICATIONNAME] [1]? (In neither case it would need
the .cfg extension)

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

[1] http://standards.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/latest/ar01s03.html

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