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Re: Fwd: RFS: powder/117-2 ITA

On 6/5/2013 4:56 AM, Steven Hamilton wrote:
> On 02/06/13 21:11, Steven Hamilton wrote:
>> Barry deFreese writes:
>>> I am assuming since you removed Windows binaries that you repacked the tarball? If so you need to
>>> create a new version of the tarball.  Trying to extract the source of your current package I get the
>>> following:
>>> dpkg-source: error: File ./powder_117.orig.tar.gz has size 1891043 instead of expected 1780754
>> Thanks Barry, package updated and reuploaded.
> Attempt #2. Source +dfsg'd and reuploaded. Now uploads and unpack fine (on my machine at least)


Couple of quick things.

1.  In debian/watch, you should mangle the debian version to remove the dfsg.  Look an man(1) uscan
for examples of how to do that.

2.  Why do you have a clean: target instead of just using override_dh_clean: ?  It also seems very
strange to me that you are removing .h and .cpp files.

3.  In debian/rules it is probably easier to just import buildflags. (Actually I think dh 9+ does
this for you?)  Look at:  http://wiki.debian.org/HardeningWalkthrough

4.  Because you are using source format 3.0 quilt, you don't need to build depend on the quilt package.

5.  debian/copyright seems to be missing copyright and license for mt19937ar.c.

Other than that, the package seems to build and run fine.


Barry deFreese

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