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Re: welcome to pkg-games Bret Curtis, Georgy Vlasov

> At Mon, 3 Jun 2013 11:44:56 +0200,
> bret curtis wrote:
> > We are currently working on an "Example Suite" that will show off a
> > bit of OpenMW without having to use Morrowind assets. It will go under
> > and forgiving "Create Commons" license. You have a look at yourself at
> > a snapshot from a few months ago here:
> > http://www.mindwerks.net/2013/02/introducing-worldsynth-for-your-world-building-needs/
> > At the bottom is a link to the OpenMW.esm
> I am not experienced in Morrowind mods, so this may be a stupid
> question, but... have any of the existing mods/modders been approached
> to convince them to release their work under a free license?
> After some quick searches there seem to be many texture mods around
> and textures/models seem to be the hardest assets to acquire for floss
> games.
> Of course, these mods may well be derived from the original game and
> so they may be completely useless from our point of view... just a
> thought.
> David.

Hello David,

you're not the only one with questions like these. There have a been a
few modders that have taken interest in the project and have
contributed to it. We definitely encourage modders to share their work
as "Creative Commons". Ideas are not copyright-able but their assets
are, but that is up to them as it is their IP to do with as they

What we are doing with the example-suite is from scratch and licensed
in such a way to encourage further development in the FLOSS community.
A lead by example approach. We aren't going to co-opt an already
existing community to play by our demands, but we do offer a different
approach to development. Hopefully it will raise awareness and more
content will be more freely available.

To be clear: OpenMW does not ship content, it is just an engine that
runs Morrowind assets. It can (and is) run with other content that is
restrictive and/or FLOSS. We take a neutral stance on that. Content
created by the OpenCS is the property of the owner to do with as they

I hope that answers some questions and if there are any more, feel free to ask!


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