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Re: welcome to pkg-games Bret Curtis, Georgy Vlasov

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 5:28 PM, bret curtis wrote:

> thank you for the kind welcome. I am a developer and co-maintainer of the
> deb builds for OpenMW (http://www.openmw.org/). We got the ball rolling with
> George Evmenov's  MyGUI (Ogre3D lib) but I hope to eventually see OpenMW
> within Debian with a bit of guidance from Scott Howard.

Do you know if OpenMW folks plan to create a game based on the engine
or will OpenMW always require data from the original Morrowind to

FYI, this font license is non-free:


The DejaVu and other fonts are already in Debian so your package
should depend on them instead of including them.

BTW: Please subscribe to the discussion mailing list, join the IRC channel
and take a look at our team documentation on the wiki.




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