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Request to co-mantain hedgewars

Hi Unera and pkg-games maintainers!

I request to co-maintain hedgewars, because since some months I'm doing almost all the work on the package, with a result of 3 uploads in unstable so far.

I recently fixed (with upstream help) a FTBFS in newer libc2.17 and armhf/powerpc platforms, and since this package has never built for raring ans saucy would be nice to get it uploaded on experimental or unstable, and as Felix Geyer pointed me would be nice too to get a MAINTAINER upload.

So can anybody add me as comaintainer or upload the package on experimental/unstable?
The new .19 release will be out soon, and we didn't fix yet the .18 one!

My DM application is still "pending upload", anyway I don't think will take long time to get uploaded...

I know I have to ask permissions to the Maintainer for co-maintain, and this is why I ccd unera to this mail, hoping for a feedback.

Thanks for your time


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