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Re: Neverball 2nd try

On 25.05.2013 15:32, Szerb, Tamas wrote:
> Hello Markus,
> Gladly get involved in the project: now for my kids - that was the
> main reason why I went down. Just for a quick catch-up, could you
> provide a few information: is there any git repo, where I should get
> r/w rights for continue the maintenance of neverball/putt?

Awesome, thanks for your reply and welcome back! The situation is as


Neverball is still maintained in a svn repository but feel free to
convert it to a git repository. I presume Alexander (tolimar) wouldn't
object against it. (Please correct me if i'm too optimistic here.)

I don't know whether you had to "enlist" to the Games Team in the past.
Normally you only need to create an account on alioth and request to be
a member of the team. (the link is at the bottom of the page)


We have already fixed some bugs, namely:


I'm working on


right now and i'm confident that we can find a solution to improve the
translation of "Save Replay" in French.

Needs more investigation:


I believe it would be best to contact the bug submitter again for
#651886 after the new release so that he can use a working -dbg package
to trace his segfaults. This bug is unreproducible on my machine here.

The other two open bugs need more feedback from the bug submitters but i
think there is not much we can do about them nowadays. Probably they
should be closed.

I you want to help out with other packages, simply take a look at


More information are available on the wiki.


Hope this helps a little



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