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Neverball 2nd try

Hello Jordà and Tamas,

i am working on the neverball package at the moment and i try to
complete the work of Juhani Numminen who fixed among other things an
upcoming release critical bug for the libpng transition.

I saw that your last commits to neverball happened four respectively
five years ago. I think in an ideal world the list of uploaders only
reflected those people who still actively maintain the package. From my
own experience, if the number of human maintainers is fairly low, most
people rather tend to help out than in the opposite case where they
assume from the outside that enough support is already available.

However more active maintainers are obviously better for a package than
less. What would it take for you to get active again? If you cannot or
do not want to be involved in Neverball again, please let me know and i
remove you from Uploaders.



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