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Re: Darkplaces commits

On 22/04/13 13:44, David Bate wrote:
> The only notable changes are to use a newer upstream snapshot that
> is required for Xonotic 0.6.0, and to link Darkplaces against
> libd0-blind-id (a library that is used for anonymous authorisation with
> a game server, also recommended for Xonotic).  Although libd0-blind-id
> is not yet in Debian, I have working packages that will de uploaded to
> mentors.d.n very soon.

Thanks for looking after Darkplaces, I'll try to find time to review
your changes at some point.

I'd prefer the master branch to be uploadable to Debian whenever
appropriate, so until d0-blind-id is actually *in* Debian, please put
the d0-blind-id requirement on a branch.

One thing to watch out for in Darkplaces is that upstream do strange
tricks with dlopen which break shlibs dependencies, etc. If you haven't
already done this, I would much prefer to link libraries "properly",
even if that means patching the source or build system.


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