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Darkplaces commits


(This is a notification of committing to the team repositories asked by
the team guidelines.  Simon - I am sorry if you are receiving this

I have committed changes to the Darkplaces git repository.  I have
included the Debian changelog below.

The only notable changes are to use a newer upstream snapshot that
is required for Xonotic 0.6.0, and to link Darkplaces against
libd0-blind-id (a library that is used for anonymous authorisation with
a game server, also recommended for Xonotic).  Although libd0-blind-id
is not yet in Debian, I have working packages that will de uploaded to
mentors.d.n very soon.

I have also added myself to the uploaders of Darkplaces.  Once Wheezy is
released (and libd0-blind-id is uploaded), I will look for a sponsor of
this version.


  * Imported Upstream version 0~20110628+svn11805, as recommended for
    Xonotic 0.6.0
    - refresh patches
    - remove upstream patch r11796
  * Link against d0-blind-id and d0-rijndael, as recommended for
    Xonotic 0.6.0
    - remove debian/patches/0012-Add-support-for-forcing-d0_blind_id-\
  * Add myself to uploaders
  * Update to standards version 3.9.4 (no changes necessary)

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