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Re: Bug#701157: ITP: steam-nonfree --- Installer for the Steam software distribution service

>  If it poses problem, I assume that Ubuntu can filter out specific
>  packages when they sync up their archive. From a strict Debian
>  perspective, steam-nonfree is redundant with the non-free section and
>  will likely lead people to think that there is a free alternative.

We had another package steam in the past. Also it is quite common word.

>  I don't really understand with what do we need to make a distinction in
>  popcon ? In Debian so far the current packaging is not installable, and

Are you sure? Let's see at unmodified package for Ubuntu:
Depends: libc6, libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-glx, xterm | gnome-terminal, zenity

I know people who use this package in Debian without modifications.
(But this is their problem of course.)

>  as soon as this one will be available, people are very likely to use it
>  instead of wrecking their system trying to install the Ubuntu one.

I hope so.

>  And as far as the Ubuntu users are concerned, they don't report to our
>  popcon anyway :-)

Yep. But they have own popcon where we can compare packages usage.
(Unfortunately, it is broken now.)

Just for a note:
$ grep ' steam ' ./Popcon/Debian/by_inst
9800  steam                            828   282   117   429     0 (Not in sid)
$ grep ' steam-lib ' ./Popcon/Debian/by_inst
64111 steam-lib                          5     3     2     0     0 (Not in sid)
$ echo $((828 - 5))


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