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Re: RFP: desurium -- Desura is a gaming client that allows a user to one click download and install games and game modification.


I want just to summarize all important changes since the last comment:

1. We moved entirely to cmake, so we are checking for installed
dependencies and stuff
2. We are trying to move to a system wxWidgets at the moment. It is
possible to use a system wxWidgets with a dirty little hack, but because
we don't want a dirty little hack here, this will take some time
3. We have a little problem with cURL. Look here for more information:
https://github.com/lodle/Desurium/issues/199 we need c-ares support on
some plattforms, that is the main reason for building cURL (which will
be statically linked into the desura binaries)
4. we are building CEF, but we think about to make it possible to build
it separately https://github.com/lodle/Desurium/issues/258

Please create issues for every thing you are not happy with here:



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